Terms & Conditions

General Activity Terms & Conditions


BOOKINGS: Bookings are only confirmed once a deposit payment is received. Deposits are non-refundable. We require a minimum of 10 participants, unless otherwise agreed.

PAYMENT: Full payment is required no less than 1 week prior to your event. If we have not received payment 1 week prior to your event, we reserve the right to cancel your event, with no refund or reschedule

REFUNDS: once any payment is received, no refund will be allowed.

MEDICAL ISSUES: All participants must be medically fit and not suffer from epilepsy or any medical condition which may prohibit them from running around, driving, and interacting with animals. The activities aren’t suitable for anyone with heart or breathing difficulties, back, neck or joint problems, and pregnant women.

PREGNANCY: During lambing season (assume February through to May), pregnant women must not to be present on site, due to the risk of Enzootic Abortion.

FIRST AID: Farm Adventure staff are trained Basic First Aiders, and will be available for you throughout your activities.

ARRIVAL: Participants will be required to arrive on site up to half an hour before their time slot. We cannot be responsible for latecomers, and due to time restraints, may have to start without participants. No refunds or reschedules will be permitted in this instance.

SAFETY: All participants will be required to attend and pay attention to the safety briefing at the beginning of your activities, and during the activities, when instructions are issued at each station. Failure to attend, could result in exclusion from the activities, with no refund.

ANIMALS: please avoid touching the animals. They can be dangerous, and some can bite.

AGE RESTRICTIONS FOR ACTIVITIES: Anyone partaking in group activities, must be 16 or over.

TRACTOR DRIVING FOR GROUP ACTIVITIES: You will be given instruction on how to drive a tractor, and an instructor will be with you in the tractor at all times. They will assist you, and you must pay close attention to their instructions. Whilst not driving, you will be instructed to stand behind the safety line – you must comply with this.

AGE: Any spectators under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

ALCOHOL & DRUGS: Anyone partaking in any of the activities, must not consume alcohol or take drugs, or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs before or whilst taking part in the activities. If we suspect that anyone is under the influence of either drink or drugs, we reserve the right to exclude them from any activities. No refunds or reschedules will be allowed.

CLOTHING: The organiser of a group for an activity package at Farm Adventure, will be responsible for passing on the information of what to wear. Appropriate footwear such as wellies or walking boots are mandatory, along with old clothing which could get damaged and/or dirty whilst partaking in the activities. Bring enough clothing to keep you warm in the autumn/winter months, including (but not limited to) hats, gloves, umbrellas, waterproof clothing. Bring the correct clothing to keep you protected but cool in the spring and summer months, including (but not limited to) sun-cream, t-shirts, umbrella, waterproofs and a hat.

REFRESHMENTS: Farm Adventure will provide hot and cold refreshments at the meeting point to have before and after activities, but will not provide bottled drinks to take around the course. Please do feel free to bring these with you.

FOOD: we cannot cater for any special dietary requirements other than vegetarians. If you wish to know any allergens which are in the food products that we provide, please speak to our staff, and they will be happy to help.

ACCIDENT / LOSS: In the unlikely event of an accident, or loss or damage to personal effects, Farm Adventure will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss, damage or injury arising from or in connection with activities carried out on the Farm premises (except in instances of death or personal injury caused by the Farm’s negligence) and waive all and any claims against the Farm in this respect.

LIABILITY: Farm Adventure do not take liability for the protection of individuals, groups, organisations, businesses, spectators, or others who may participate in activities on the farm premises.

THE SITE: The Hill Top Farm site is a working farm, and therefore you will be required to respect the work which takes place on site.

  • Anti-bacterial hand soap is provided, which you must use with running water to wash hands after any activity on site, especially when interacting with the animals. Bacteria such as e-coli are not removed with hand gels.
  • You must not leave litter around the site. Please tidy up after yourself.
  • There is minimal phone signal on the site. Please be aware of this. Internet is available in some places but not guaranteed.
  • Smoking is only permitted in designated areas. Cigarette ends must be disposed of in the metal bin provided. Do not smoke in any other area around the farm.

ACCOMMODATION: whilst on site, you are expected to behave in an appropriate manner, and respect the facilities around you. If you feel that there is a problem with anything, please do let our team know. Any damage to the Farm Adventure property could result in a fine (max £1,000).

PETS/DOGS: we cannot permit guests to bring their pets to site. Please leave all animals at home. We are a working farm, and cannot allow dogs to wander round the site, even on a lead.

Failure to comply with these terms and conditions, could result in serious injury or even death. Any negligence on the participants behalf, could result in an individual, or a group being asked to leave the site.

By booking, you confirm that you have read and agreed to these Terms & Conditions. (subject to any changes required)

Updated January 2018