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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I pick the Activities?2018-08-06T09:02:26+01:00

You can pick your package – have a look under our Occasions page, and you’ll see the packages we offer.

The packages cover the following activities: sheep gathering, tractor driving, welly wanging, egg throwing, tug ‘o’ war, greasy pole, pig herding and our Farmers Olympics! You can add on a Farmers Hunt too!

Every person in your group will get to do all of the activities in your package.

How long do the activities / packages take?2018-08-06T09:02:51+01:00

The Ultimate Farmer – allow 2.5 hours: arrive half an hour before your allocated slot, plus two hours for the activities.

The Farmer Warrior – allow 2.5 hours: arrive half an hour before your allocated slot, plus two hours for the activities.

The Farmers Hunt – allow 2 hours: you’ll be doing this on top of one of the other packages, so just allow two hours for this.

What is the minimum group size?2018-05-09T09:24:40+01:00

The minimum group size is 10 people – we split you into teams, so this will get competitive!

Are the activities competitive?2018-05-09T09:25:04+01:00

Yes! But only really as much as your group are competitive! We will always split each group into a minimum of 2 teams. It adds the benefit of watching each other attempt the activities too!

Is this for adults or kids?2018-05-09T09:26:13+01:00

These activities are suited to adults – anyone 16 years and over! Anyone coming to the farm who is under the age of 16, must be accompanied by an adult.

Can I bring my children along to watch?2018-05-09T09:26:20+01:00

We don’t advise this. It can often cause a distraction, and we don’t necessarily provide areas for changing or shelter from the elements.

Can I bring my dog along?2018-05-09T09:26:28+01:00

No. We don’t allow any other dogs or pets on site. This is for a number of reasons, but we would ask you to leave your dogs (or any other pets!) at home.

Who can do the activities?2018-08-06T09:03:37+01:00

The activities are suitable for everyone of all abilities! We just ask that you are medically fit. There are some restrictions – please see the Terms & Conditions for further details.

Can someone who is pregnant do the activities?2018-05-09T09:26:42+01:00

No. Our advice is that we cannot say that these activities are safe for anyone who is pregnant. If someone is pregnant, they will need to seek medical advice from their doctor. Everyone will sign a disclaimer before taking part in the activities. Anyone who is pregnant, is also advised NOT to be onsite during lambing times (assume February to May), due to Enzootic Abortion. Again, please ask that they consult their doctor on how to manage this.

What time should we arrive on site?2018-05-09T09:26:50+01:00

Aim to arrive no later than half an hour before your allocated time slot.

What if we arrive late for our activities?2018-05-09T09:26:57+01:00

We will start your activities at your allocated time. In some cases, we may be able to delay very slightly, but if not, we will start promptly, and cannot wait for latecomers.

What do we do if the weather is bad?2018-05-09T09:27:04+01:00

We don’t let the weather get in the way of the fun! The activities are always outside, so come prepared!

What the heck do we wear?!2018-05-09T09:27:11+01:00

As we say here “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing”! .. so dress accordingly! Old clothing is a must, wellies, old trainers or old walking boots are also a must! Leggings won’t keep you warm in the winter, and a thick jumper won’t keep you cool on a warm summer day! Layer Up! Wear lots of layers – who cares what you look like on the farm! Bring waterproofs, umbrellas, spare socks – whatever you can think of to handle the British weather!

And if it’s sunny? Well bring your sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, mosquito spray – don’t hold back! And don’t forget a bottle for water! We provide refreshments back at base, but a bottle is handy to take with you round the course … you’ll be getting a little out of breath and need hydration!

Can we bring special outfits to wear?!2018-05-09T09:27:19+01:00

Ultimately you can wear what you want, just use the above advice on how to be comfortable when you get here! If you want to dress the hen / stag / birthday person up, go ahead!! You’ll see some photos of previous groups and what they have provided for their person of the moment!

Tractor Driving Experiences

What time should I arrive on site?2018-05-09T09:28:44+01:00

Please arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to the start time of your experience

What should I wear?2018-08-06T09:04:52+01:00

Please refer to the Terms & Conditions

Can I have a BBQ with my experience?2018-05-21T12:45:16+01:00

Unfortunately not! We only offer the BBQ to the groups! Fear not though, you’re coming to Masham – there are several pubs and Bistros, so you can eat and drink after the buzz of your experience! Have a look at the Visit Masham website!

Can I bring friends and family with me?2018-05-09T09:29:06+01:00

You can! We just ask that you bring a maximum of 2 people with you. We need to make sure we look after everyone who comes to the farm, so we limit this to avoid any issues. They will also be asked to sign a disclaimer on arrival.

Can I bring my dog(s) with me?2018-05-09T09:29:14+01:00

No – we run a strict “no dogs” policy unfortunately! We are a working farm, and as much as we love pooches, we cannot risk bringing them on site.

Food & Drink

What is served in the BBQ?2018-05-09T09:29:51+01:00

We provide burgers (locally sourced), and sausages (home reared!), bread rolls, all the trimmings, crisps and sweet nibbles in the form of a home recipe Chocci Bicci cake! Nom nom! Tea, coffees, hot chocolate, and cold refreshments are available on a self serve basis.

Do you cater for vegetarians?2018-05-09T09:30:05+01:00

We do indeed, and will provide lovely veggie burgers instead of the pork sausages and the beef burgers. We will always need to know in advance how many veggies there are in your group.

Does farm adventure cater for people with allergies?2018-05-09T09:30:09+01:00

By law, we have to be able to provide a list of all the allergens in our food, which Farm Adventure does happily comply with. So, if you need to know what’s in your food, feel free to ask! We just cannot provide you with specific food without those allergens, for example, gluten free burgers etc.

Can I drink alcohol onsite?2018-05-09T09:30:12+01:00

Drinking before and during the activities is strictly prohibited. If you are seen to be drinking, or are under the influence before or during your activities, we can cancel your event with immediate effect. You are welcome to bring drinks to have afterwards with your BBQ!

Opening Times

What are the office opening times?2018-05-09T09:31:12+01:00

The office is open Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm. If you call the office on a weekend, please do just leave us a voicemail.

When do you run activities?2018-05-09T09:31:04+01:00

We run activities for stag, hen & birthday groups on Saturdays. For corporate, and other parties, we can accommodate weekday activities.

Does Farm adventure operate all year?2018-05-09T09:30:52+01:00

We are open all year round, excluding Sundays, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day!

Access & Parking

What is the site access like?2018-05-09T09:31:59+01:00

Access to the main farm is via a long driveway,

The main farm is a working farm, there is concrete ground surface, and there are lots of uneven grassy areas, along with some gravelled paths. You may be required to do a fair amount of walking around!


We have limited access & parking for cars. Please call to discuss any concerns with your transport arrangements

Getting here2018-08-06T09:06:35+01:00

Check out our directions for getting here

Holiday Cottage

How many people can sleep in the Holiday Cottage?2018-08-06T09:06:46+01:00

A maximum of 12-14 people. Please see the information about the holiday cottage for further details.

Is there communal space in the holiday cottage?2018-08-06T09:07:01+01:00

Yes! The holiday cottage is a self contained cottage, with all the beds & bathrooms upstairs, and then an open plan space downstairs, with kitchen, dining and lounge area. You will also have access to the front of the farm, and get to sit and enjoy the stunning views!

Are bedding and towels provided?2018-05-09T09:33:30+01:00

Yes – we provide bedding and one towel for everyone.

Is the kitchen stocked with all pots, pans, cutlery etc?2018-05-09T09:33:33+01:00

Yes it is! There is washing up liquid, tea towels, hand wash, big pans for cooking a casserole, a fridge/freezer, a double oven, 5 hobs. You’ll just need to bring extras such as cooking oil, butter, milk etc. We do provide tea, coffee & hot chocolate.

Can I bring my bike with me and is there anywhere to store it?2018-05-09T09:33:35+01:00

You are welcome to bring your bike! We are located on a green route, so plenty of challenging hills for you! We don’t have any locked storage for you, but you are welcome to keep it here on the farm at your own risk.

Are there any fields / outdoor spaces that we can use for games?2018-05-09T09:33:39+01:00

There are plenty of fields around us, but they are mostly used for our animals to graze! Get in touch with us and we can let you know what’s available!

is there WI-FI on site?2018-05-09T09:33:41+01:00

Yes indeed there is free WiFi – just ask when you arrive!

Is there phone signal at the farm?2018-05-09T09:33:44+01:00

There is some mobile signal, but not guaranteed! The signal is getting better over time, but it’s not like it is in the towns and cities!

What are check in and check out times?2018-05-09T09:33:46+01:00

Check in time is 3pm onward, and check out time is 11am.

Getting Here & Getting About

I need to book taxis – what number should I call?2018-05-21T12:37:27+01:00

Contact Coopers Cabs for taxis, up to 7 or 8 seaters, and Sherwoods Minibuses for larger groups.

Which is the nearest train station?2018-05-09T09:34:41+01:00

Northallerton is the nearest, then Harrogate, and then Thirsk. There are direct trains from London Kings Cross to Northallerton, and then many other trains go via York, and transfer to take you to Harrogate or Northallerton. From Harrogate, you can get a bus to Ripon (bus station just outside). You will then need to get a taxi to the farm.

We Want a Night Out, Where?!

Masham & Surrounding2018-05-09T09:35:57+01:00

So, Masham is 3.5 miles from Hill Top Farm, and it has pubs such as The King’s Head, The Bruce Arms and The White Bear. Want to go further afield? Ripon is nearest (it’s the 4th smallest city in the UK!), and it has restaurants like Prezzo & Primas, a Wetherspoons pub along with a few others. Bedale is about 15 mins drive in the other direction, but just has pubs and a few restaurants – great for a curry! And then there is either Harrogate or Northallerton (opposite directions from Hill Top to each other), which are about 30-40 mins from the farm. Both have bars, restaurants, and a club! Harrogate has more selection, and has bars such as The Pitcher & Piano.


Masham is home to two famous breweries : Black Sheep & Theakstons. Both breweries offer guided tours, with The Black Sheep also having a fantastic bistro on site, great for groups looking for somewhere to eat!

PLEASE share this information with your group!