Big plans for the gorgeous Hereford heifers on the Yorkshire Farm

The girls have been away on another farm, in a bid to get pregnant so we can start our own herd of Hill Top Herefords, produced sustainably, with excellent standards and minimal food miles. Here’s how it’s all going!

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It’s about time we started blogging again!

I’m sure you’ve been waiting and waiting and hoping we’ll start blogging soon!! Ha ha – in all seriousness, sometimes it can be just nice to know a little more, so hopefully we can give you a taster!

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Duckling on Laptop - Farm Adventure

My 10 Top Tips for Planning a Stag or Hen Party

I figured that with all those conversations and all that experience talking to organisers of stag and hen parties

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Lambing Season at Farm Adventure

It’s nearly lambing time .. and I’m a little nervous!

The pregnant ewes are now in the barns, being looked after, fed silage, given warm dry bedding and generally pampered!

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Connie Blog Background

New Times Ahead for Farm Adventure .. so we got a new puppy

A new year, a new start, and a new puppy here at Farm Adventure Yorkshire! Currently in training, she’s getting ready for your arrival!

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TripAdvisor Hall of Fame – we made it!

In 2019 we received our first certificate into the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame, showing 5 consecutive years of Certificates of Excellence

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Team Building popular with the Financial Services

Team building with a complete difference! The corporates seem to love it, especially the ones in the finance industry, so word must be getting out!

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Tractor Driving – Every Man’s dream

I’m now a tractor driving experience instructor. What a dream to drive a tractor, then instruct others to have fun on a tractor!

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Lambing Live with Jess : Part 2

Lambing has starting interestingly here at Hill Top Farm, and now we’re on the home straight! Jess has definitely had an interesting 2019 lambing!

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