It’s about time we started blogging again!

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It’s about time we started blogging again!

By Laura Middleton

February 9, 2024

It’s been too long! It’s time for us to update you about what the heck has been happening at Farm Adventure for the past .. ahem, 3 years!

OK so I won’t bore you with three years worth of stories, I’ll just recap on 2023 – don’t panic!


It’s been manic – great manic, but a whirlwind!

Did you see us on TV?! We were on Robson Green’s Weekend Escapes with Tessa Peake-Jones, where they came to race our John Deere tractors in Yorkshire! It was so much fun and I’m pretty sure they enjoyed it too! Click here to see : Robson Green

Just a casual photo with Robson & Tessa!


As we grow as a business, the team also grows & changes! A few people have moved on and we have some fabulous new faces! All those groups won’t run themselves plus we need our charismatic leaders to really add some more hilarity into their experience with us. Check out our Meet The Team page for updates!


The Shepherds Huts in Shropshire have a couple of years under their belt now! All tried and tested, with fabulous reviews and experiences had by the groups staying! Have you had a look at them? They were all hand-made by Rob and his team at the Yorkshire site and then transported down to Shropshire and put into place. The great news about this glamping accommodation, is that it’s not really glamping! The huts have central heating and hot water as soon as you put the tap on! They are gorgeous and cosy – with a king size BUNK BED (!!!) in each hut, so they can sleep up to 4 people. Plus, there is an en-suite bathroom with toilet and shower, so no “nature-wees” needed!! With the huts is the communal space, comprised of The Spaaa which is the undercover but open air hot tub with seating area and The Sheep Barn which is the room with a fully equipped kitchen, long dining table and sofa seating. Not to mention the gorgeous wood burning stove. Big bi-fold doors mean you can bring the outside in, while staying warm and cosy and keep everyone together!

The 4 huts with bench seating, located next to The Spaaa and The Sheep Barn communal spaces – all for exclusive hire!

We’re also opening the Shropshire accommodation up for Summer Holiday week-long bookings too! So if you’d like to bring the family or friends for a week, we have capacity for 16 of you and where better to spend your time together! Have a look at some pictures on Facebook to tickle your fancy!


If you’ve booked with us, or are thinking of booking, have you seen our Instagram post about our improved BBQ? It’s probably because the team wanted more included (given all we eat is BBQ these days!!), so as well as enjoying our own home-reared beef burgers & pork sausages, we’ve now added in a tasty tomato and mozzarella salad, coleslaw and lettuce so you can pimp up your burger big style!


Talking of home-reared produce, it’s time I mentioned the farm!

So on the North Yorkshire farm, we rear beef cattle and supply one of the big supermarkets. On site, we have up to 350 cattle at any time. We buy them as calves from one local farmer from October to December, wean them off milk and keep them until they are ready which is around 17-20 months old. Once strong enough and the weather allows, they are out in the fields which is the best part of all this – they love it! We have Aberdeen Angus cattle, so native to the UK and suited to being outside. The only reason we bring them into the sheds is because if the ground is really bad with the weather, they make a mess and we don’t get effective grass growth, so it’s all a balance.

Just me being mauled as I’m in the shed with the younger calves! What you can’t see is them behind me – no personal space!!

We’re also Red Tractor assured for Beef & Lamb, so we have the best standards for animal welfare and well being! 🙂


The Angus are here on a commercial program. However, this Christmas, I received the best present ever … 2 pedigree Hereford Heifers! Why, you might ask?! Because, I love cows who have their calf “at foot” which means they raise them themselves. This doesn’t work in a commercial setup – it’s not good for the environment, but as a sideline and on a small scale, it’s just so lovely to have! I want to educate people as well, about the beef industry, farming & it’s carbon footprint and so much more! I’ll go more into that next month!

Here are Bronte and Lucinda hanging out with Maggie!


Lets not forget lambing! So we’re set to start in early April .. but turns out we’ve started already!!!! Turns out we took the tup (ram / male sheep) out of the field with the ewes (lady sheep) a little late! Ewes become ready for mating when the days get shorter, so general rule is to put the tup in with them any time from mid-august onwards once you’re ready to start breeding. This means the tup can be in with the ewes before this point without the risk of pregnancy. Well we clearly missed that cut off as only last week we saw one of our sheep .. with twins!! She’d lambed them herself and was just getting on with motherhood, no problems!!

Surprise Lambs!


Talking of babies … if you’ve been following us on Insta, you’ll have seen our post about Connie … “Preggs?”! Turns out she’s not, but it’s not a big deal – she’s a happy farm dog – life is goooood!

I think I’ve got you up to speed .. keep watching, we’ll be posting each month to keep you in the loop and hopefully get you all excited about the year ahead as well!


Over and out .. until March!

Laura xx

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