It’s nearly lambing time .. and I’m a little nervous!

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It’s nearly lambing time .. and I’m a little nervous!

By @kuki

April 5, 2021

It’s that time of year again, when we are gearing up for lambing in North Yorkshire!

The pregnant ewes are now in the barns, being looked after, fed silage, given warm dry bedding and generally pampered! We like to keep them inside in the lead up, so we can keep an eye on them, and make sure they don’t do what sheep like to do, and just get themselves into trouble!

For example, sometimes when they’re pregnant (or even not pregnant!), they might lie down in a slight dip in the field, and become what the Yorkshire folk call “rigged”, otherwise known as “cast”, meaning they can’t get back up. Once they are in that situation, it’s life or death – if you see a sheep on it’s back in a field with legs in the air, get in there and help it back onto its feet! Don’t hesitate! Pregnancy just means they’re more likely to get themselves into this situation, so keeping them in the barn, avoids these situations.

So, the girls were scanned back in February 2021, and all were marked to show the number of lambs they were pregnant with, meaning we have an idea of what we’re facing.

Let’s just start at the beginning here ..

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