About the Team at Farm Adventure

Farm Adventure came from an idea .. from a real farmer who grew up in a family of dairy farmers.


Rob – The Boss

Rob has spent years within the world of farming, both from working with the family doing the daily milking, to heading off to college and then onto work in agricultural businesses. He found Hill Top Farm in a very run-down state, but has spent a lot of time building it up into the fantastic venue it is today. A real entrepreneur, he loves a challenge, always thinking!


Laura – The Other Boss

Laura came to Hill Top farm back in 2011, to join Rob in kick starting Farm Adventure as a new business. From a life working in cities in the corporate world in Manchester, London and Glasgow, Hill Top Farm was an awesome place to come to for a complete career change, and to test all those skills learned. Along the way, Rob & Laura also got married & then had a couple of kids!!


Jess – Awesome Farm Manager

Jess joined the team in 2012 and works both for Farm Education and Farm Adventure. She is otherwise known as “The Machine”, because apart from being incredibly strong, she is also a very hard working northern lass, who is born and bred in North Yorkshire. Having studied land management at University, she has continued to love working on the farm, teaching the kids who come to Hill Top to do land-based studies.

Emily-cutout (002)

Emily – Awesome Teamie

Emily joined us in 2017 and is a mere youngster, who is keen and loves farming! A local lass, she is another hard worker, and we only get to borrow her at weekends now and holidays, as she’s busy studying at Agricultural College! She does love to come back and play with the unsuspecting folks who take part in the activities, and have some fun on the farm while catching up with all her mates from back “up north”!


Steve – Our Friendly Farmer

Steve is our farmer from over the hill! He comes to work for Farm Adventure running the groups and helping with tractor instruction! He is always smiling and more than happy to help! He has been working with Farm Adventure for several years now, and is well and truly familiar with the craziness which goes on here, and he loves it! Never shy of chatting to everyone, he’s a fantastic member of the team!


Bonnie – Our Beautiful Springador

Bonnie is our resident Springador and she really does have a fantastic life. She sleeps whenever she wants, and then when all the folks come to Farm Adventure for their group activities, she cannot wait to greet them, and see if they will play. The most friendly dog in the world, she has a brilliant nature, of both lazy and hungry labrador, but then the springy and active nature of a Springer Spaniel!

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