I won’t lie, I miss the hens and stags

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I won’t lie, I miss the hens and stags

By @kuki

March 27, 2019

So in January, Chris (surname = Lamb = he’s meant to work for Farm Adventure right!!), started working for us as an Events Coordinator. It has been BRILLIANT to have someone in the office to work with on the same stuff, show all the processes and procedures, get second opinions, hand over, share the load. You know – a new team mate! Great times!

(Oh … and his other half, make cakes … I mean a-mazing cakes, and also SUPER fancy for weddings ‘n stuff, so they’re incredible! She even made some for us as a treat!! Check out her Facebook page Where The Ribbon Ends)

These are just a small sample of cupcakes she made for us!!! Love her already! 🙂

I had in mind, someone who was great with people, great in the office and enjoys a job with variety. Has all the skills, wants to & happy to, take on a completely unique challenge because there is no-one out there who does what we do, so it’s kinda hard to compare it to other jobs!

Chris has experience working in different jobs with people, managing people, managing expectations, understanding needs, and a small businesses’ requirement to really try to get everything right.

Meet Chris Lamb

AND even better, he has even more skills than we asked for … sooooo … I might have given him loads of jobs that none of us were expecting him to do! Bonus! He seems happy (albeit maybe a little stressed this week as everyone is, with the “go live” of the new accommodation, so it’s all hands to the deck!)

So it’s all been wayyyyy better than expected, he’s hit the ground running, he’s managing all of the office stuff, which frees me up to do more of the marketing (“uh oh” you might say, “gives her time to waffle on with blogs”!!! ?), especially now we are expanding into Shropshire and we have more accommodation to fill (no pressure then!).

The National Wedding Show in Newcastle - on our way

The National Wedding Show in Newcastle – on our way

On our way to The National Wedding Show in Newcastle in January 2019. He only started working for Farm Adventure in January 2019, so straight in at the deep end!

Chris chatting with an interested hen party

Chris chatting with an interested hen party

Schmoozing with the hens at the wedding show ..



And the banter with Steve!

However … there is a slight downside to my handing over of my job role for the past 7 years ..

I do miss my chats and relationships which I make with all the stags and hens from when they make those first calls.

It seems silly, but it is one of THE greatest parts of this business that I love. I’ve formed relationships with sooo many lovely people over the years, and then you get to meet the people and feel like you’re just welcoming them with open arms to your home.

From the reassurance at the beginning when they have to organise a group of excitable hens or stags (or birthday groups!), telling them about what we have, having a little chat about the hassle of getting all the money from everyone, the dilemas of certain people who might not be able to do some of the activities, or ladies who are (secretly) pregnant, to everything else.

And then they turn up to the farm, and it’s like “heyyyyy … I haven’t seen you for so long … oh wait, we’ve never met, but I feel like we know each other!”. Does that make any sense?

You know, just the hen party have fun fun fun!

You know, just the hen party have fun fun fun!

Just hanging out with my groups 😉

It genuinely is really good fun to form bonds with these folk who have, lets face it, a fairly hefty task on their hands, trying to organise THE best stag or hen party ever, keeping everyone happy, especially the bride or groom-to-be, dealing with different requirements and needs … and delivering above and beyond their expectations.

We really want 1 million percent, everyone to really really truly enjoy and buy into what we have here … but I do miss creating those initial relationships, that will just make life a little easier for the organizer / folks I speak to on the phone. I do get to have chats every now and then, but it is time to hand over to someone fresh and new, and who is super keen and brilliant at this job!

I’m still running the groups, so get to meet everyone, but maybe I’m just another “instructor” to them .. I do try to be a hell of a lot more … everyone does in fact!

So in summary …

hello to every one of you lovely people who get in touch with us, and I can’t wait to meet you. Handing over to Chris, and I’ll likely see you on the day! ?

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