Team Building popular with the Financial Services

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Team Building popular with the Financial Services

By @kuki

June 17, 2019

Almost 8 years ago to the day, Farm Adventure Yorkshire, held it’s first ever team building event.

A large corporate group from KPMG, with 110 delegates, on a gorgeous sunny day, 30th September 2011.

It was scary, nerve-wracking, intense, busy, hot (we were sooooo lucky!!), and just FULL ON!

I personally had not long before moved to Yorkshire, and Rob & I were putting ideas together to get Farm Adventure up and running, promoting our activities (The Ultimate Farmer package).

Our intention? To attract any group of adults, looking for something fun to do on a weekend, that they would never have experienced anywhere else!

The booking came from a referral from one of Rob’s friends who worked for KPMG at the time. She kindly put the word in to the bosses, and lo and behold, next thing we know, they’ve come out for a visit to see our offering, and are hooked!

Looking at these photos, it seems a lifetime ago, and how technology has improved for photo quality!!!

It was a fabulous start for Farm Adventure, and there were plenty of hangovers in the morning! 😉

We even managed to get it all filmed thanks to Rob’s brilliant cousin Paul who is a film producer!

So, now is the time for progress. Here we are in June 2019, and we are about to take on our next venture with Farm Adventure at the new site!

The location just dips its toes into the Welsh borders (we’ve checked the borders and its definitely in Wales!), not too far from the big cities of Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Chester, Stoke and so on.

It’s a mini repeat of Yorkshire ;

  1. A Financial Services group
  2. Set in the Summer (I know, weather is totally NOT summer!)
  3. The first EVER group at their location

Haha … yes, not that much of a coincidence I know, but for us, it’s poignant. It’s the starting point, and it is like starting from scratch.

However, here we are again with those same feelings; stress, nervousness, excitement, busy busy … oh and REALLY busy, because we are busy with what’s going on in Yorkshire aswell!! 🙂

Rob apparently thrives on pressure and stress, so technically he’s in his element 😉

This time though, we have experience. We have a team of us who know what we’re doing (well, are experienced in winging it maybe?!), and we’re all constantly thinking of everything we need, need to do, need to have in place and more. Our own team building requirements come into play here. We test our own abilities to work together and cover each other’s to-do lists.

It’s a huge process, but mainly, it is exciting!

(Wait for the photos of us en-route to site (check it out : Sheepfold Farm, Bronington, Whitchurch, SY13 3HB))

The new Bessie equivalent, “Daisy”, is currently under construction, still having tennis balls for eyes, which Bonnie just loves!!!

Its certainly been a journey so far … I’m sure I could make numerous analogies about said journey, given there are 8 years behind us, and many many more hopefully ahead, so I think you get the jist!

Fingers crossed for the next few weeks / months years with this next challenge !

We’ll see you in Shropshire! 😉


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