7 Things You Should Not Do Hen Party

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7 Things You Should Not Do Hen Party

By @kuki

November 12, 2017

Are you planning a hen party? A hen party is a great time to help the bride to be enjoy their last night as a single woman, share an awesome experience with your squad in general, have a lot of fun. However, there are a few tips you need to know to avoid a complete disaster. Here are some of the things you should not do at a hen party.


Hen parties can be expensive affairs, and some maids of honour will go overboard here arranging wild nights out. You might even be thinking about turning a hen party into a hen vacation! However, that might be a mistake because you may find that a lot of people who you were hoping would show up, can no longer afford the price of a ticket. As well as this you don’t want to spend a fortune on your hen party and find out the bride has nothing left for the honeymoon.


You probably will be heading out in public for your hen party. You might not start at a VIP section of a club and could instead begin the party in a restaurant surrounded by your nearest and dearest friends. It’s important to keep your actions suited to your environment. In other words, you shouldn’t be screaming down the house when you’re in a restaurant with other people who are just trying to enjoy a lovely evening meal. Save that type of behaviour until you’re in a private area or in a place like a club where it’s somewhat expected.


Hen Parties are supposed to be fun, but if you’re not careful booze and emotions can take things in the opposite direction. You might find some long-held back feelings towards members of your party come out if you’re not careful. This can be awkward, embarrassing and if it’s recorded, you might even find it lingers long after the party ends. As such, you need to make sure that you stay in control and don’t air out dirty laundry in public.


We’re sure once you get home you’re going to want to share some fantastic snapshots from your hen party on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. This might include great group shots and embarrassing moments for certain members of your party. You shouldn’t post any photos of other people unless you have checked with them first. What you might think is a funny moment could be the worst part of someone else’s night. If you can laugh about it together, that’s great, but don’t be surprised if posting without permission leads to arguments.


Twerking on the dancefloor is one thing but using the pole in a club after uttering the words ‘how hard can it be’ is quite another. Best case scenario you look silly in a video online the next day and worst case, you hurt yourself a few days before the wedding by trying to pole dance upside down. By all means practice your moves on the dance floor but try not to go overboard here. You will definitely regret it.


This is a big mistake that far too many maids of honour are guilty of making. If you are planning the hen party, you have to think regarding what the bride would want rather than what you would want. The best example of this is the question of the stripper. If the bride asked for a stripped to show up in a fireman uniform, by all means, order one. But if they didn’t or explicitly stated this isn’t what they want, it’s best to leave it. Remember, this is their night and no one else’s.


It’s best not to plan the hen party the night before the wedding if you can avoid it. While this used to be traditional, it just doesn’t work in practice. If you arrange your hen night, you risk the chance of having a perhaps still drunk or at the very least hungover, the bride walking down the aisle. It also dramatically limits the type of events you can plan for the hen party and how far away you can travel. For instance, you might want to head to the hometown of the bride for the hen party. You can’t do this the night before if the wedding is taking place miles away the next morning.

We hope you take our advice and avoid some of the common hen party mistakes and instead have a wonderful time at the one you throw.

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