The Great British Pig Off!

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The Great British Pig Off!

By @kuki

September 23, 2016

We’ve decided to start a sweepstake at work – for a bit of fun (but also to test Rob’s baking skills…).

How it works is, all the Bake Off contenders’ names go into a hat each week. These names get picked out by us, and whoever picks the eliminated contender for that week, must bake a cake for the rest of the team, ready to eat in our Friday meetings! Not just any cake though…whoever picks out the “Star Baker” of the week, chooses the type of cake! – How about that for team building!!

Keep your eyes on our Instagram & Facebook feeds for photos of our cakes…maybe we’ll get you voting on which looks the tastiest?

Jess is really getting into this Bake Off… And the calves enjoying it too!

Whilst we’re on the topic of cakes, you may have heard about my famous Chocci Bicci cake?

This is a cake I learnt to make at a very early age from my Mum. Being a farming family, cake has always been an important part of our diet – working long hours, you need plenty of sustenance to keep you going!

Wherever I go, I make this cake as it brings so many smiles (and calories!) to people’s faces! Steve is my number one fan, always sneaking in a piece (or 3!) when he thinks no one is looking…

We serve this to all our groups that visit – it’s the perfect energy booster before you embark on our crazy activities for the next 2 hours! Helping you get over those bales in the Farm Olympics!

Nom nom nom!

If anyone has any favourite cakes they would like seen served to our groups, shoot us a comment in the box below, or email us to and I’ll see what I can do! You may even feature on our Instagram feed!

Thankfully our jobs are very active and we’re all in this “keep fit” state of mind since the Olympics, otherwise we may end up larger & heavier than the pigs soon (and they are looking fat!).

Talking of pigs…if you’ve been lucky enough to take part in our mad, hilarious activities, whether it’s been for a hen, stag, corporate or even birthday group, you will know what I’m talking about when I say “The Great British Pig Off”…if not, then you’ll have to come and try it out!!

Don’t worry it’s not what you think – we don’t make our guests kill the pigs, cook them & eat them! It’s a race between the 2 teams to get their pig over a hurdle and back in their cosy trailer, to a favourite tune of mine – Cotton Eye Joe! It goes something like this…

Farm Adventure infamous Pig Herding!

It certainly brings some smiles to everyone’s faces:

“So many happy memories and belly laughs, not least when I got stuck in the tunnel with both pigs!”

“We all dressed up as bad taste bridesmaids and a bride, we looked hilarious herding sheep and pigs in yellow bridesmaid dresses and a wedding dress.”

“It was great – we all bonded over a couple of pigs and the farm Olympics race”

“I must say, trying to get a big pig to jump over obstacles whilst listening to the Benny Hill theme tune was the funniest thing!”

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