Birthday Party Farm Fun For the Adults!

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Birthday Party Farm Fun For the Adults!

By @kuki

April 16, 2019

It’s always been the kids who get the birthday parties – but what about the grown ups who want to celebrate their big birthday?!

What I remember seeing, being part of, watching of other kids parties, was the craziness, and a LOT of screaming!! And oh .. to look forward to it, having a 1 and a 3 year old, I have years ahead of absolute mayhem I’m sure!!! ?

The kids always have all the fun!

The kids always have all the fun!

Yup, years of kids parties ahead! George & Maggie are going to be demanding … I can feel it! Pass me the gin! 😉

Go on, go to Google and just search for “Birthday Party” – does anything come up for adults?! Mine didn’t!

This is always something I say to people about Farm Adventure .. it’s time for the adults to have fun on the farm! The kids have their petting farms, farms to browse round with all sorts of activities going on. And there behind those little faces of joy and excitement, you know there is a parent who wouldn’t mind knowing a bit more about real farming, or have a go at driving a tractor! They want to feed the pet lambs, but know it’s only right to let the kids have a go!

It’s very interesting watching these groups start to come out of the woodwork 😉

When Farm Adventure started in 2011, we honestly thought our biggest market would be the stag parties. Our main business is the hen parties – they come in their masses! And love it!

Maree Turner-Pearson 31st March 2019 :

What can I say! Best hen do ever! Everything was amazing- the location, accommodation and activities were all spot on. We were a group of all ages and everybody had fun.

The groups love to get stuck in with the tractor racing!

The groups love to get stuck in with the tractor racing!

I really need to get a calendar of all the tractor photos with the lovely ladies!

What we’re seeing more of now though, is the birthday groups. People want to celebrate their special birthday perhaps – the 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th … ANY birthday counts! So when they want to do something with a group of their friends & family, it’s the same mission as any group of adults. They need something which caters for everyone, all varying abilities, competitiveness, and which everyone will love, no-matter their personality.

Welcoming a birthday party is important!

Welcoming a birthday party is important!

There’s always a welcome to say!

So on Monday, we had a group coming for a special birthday – Graham had no idea what he was about to do. His wife organised it all, bringing the family together – all 22 of them, to come and enjoy!

I mean, what better event to have with the family?!

It’s usually only weddings and unfortunately funerals which brings everyone together, but put something interesting in the mix for a birthday bash, and suddenly heads lift, eyes widen, and everyone thinks about the possibility of coming to the Yorkshire site (soon to include Shropshire!), to enjoy local accommodation and other tourist attractions, and really make a long weekend to remember, while racing tractors and herding pigs & sheep!

It's not your regular birthday party here!

It’s not your regular birthday party here!

Graham working well with his team to move the brand new piggies around!

These pigs often run rings around the groups!!

These pigs often run rings around the groups!!

If we can help build packages for groups who want to create a memorable birthday party, we definitely want to be part of it! It also gives us more opportunity to really focus on their special day with them.

Birthday Parties in Yorkshire OR Shropshire!

We also always want to know who the birthday boy or girl is before they turn up on site, so we can pick them out, tease them, play with them a little to wind them up about what they’re going to have to do. Even better if when they arrive, they have no idea what’s going on!

So bring it on – you want a special birthday party? Farm Adventure is the way forward! ?

Laura x

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