Starting a new at Farm Adventure

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Starting a new at Farm Adventure

By @kuki

April 10, 2019

I’ve started my new job role here at Farm Adventure, so where do I start with this?

I guess it has to be why I’m here. Being in a relationship with someone that lives about an hour away, eventually someone has to bite the bullet and make the move. This of course came to me, it would have been silly not to really when you see the beautiful area I now call home.

It wasn’t an issue for moving, but more as to what the hell is someone from Harrogate that has been teaching kids gymnastics (at this fab place “The Little Gym“) for the past 3 years going to do in the middle of nowhere?! Don’t think sheep or cows do gymnastics, or do they?

Maybe a new activity could be

Maybe a new activity could be “Sheep Gymnastics”?!

Well I guess this is where the saying

it’s not what you know, but who you know

.. comes in. The accountant from my gym just happened to know someone that had a job going around the corner from my new house. Not only that, it also sounds perfect for me!!

I love spending all my spare time outside and getting stuck in with my OCR (obstacle course racing), camping, walking or whatever adventures I can find. So being on a farm and meeting new people/groups every week sounds amazing.

Even my Farm Adventure profile picture is from one of my races!

A CV was quickly put together and off I went to hand it in, cut to a month later after a couple of interviews and Christmas out of the way and I’m in a new house with a new job. Wow that happened quickly!!

It’s the second week of the new year and I’m driving to Farm Adventure raring to go, and it’s a good job as I was quickly getting shown the ropes of the place. I was even in on the first Saturday to see my first group take on the activities. What a first week it was – so much to take in, learn and see.

Safe to say I loved every minute of it, and so the question I asked to myself “why have I not been doing this sooner?”!!!

Now here comes another saying for you all ..

time flies when you’re having fun

Before I knew it I was in the truck with Laura on our way to Newcastle to set up for the National Wedding Fair. I couldn’t wait, I get to tell thousands of people all about my new exciting job at a wedding fair.

Wait I mean I get to tell them about the different packages and what we have to offer at the farm! 😉

The new role involves the marketing side of things too!

The new role involves the marketing side of things too!

National Wedding Fair all done and excitement over, it was back to the farm and planning my first weekend of taking a group for the activities. This included the tractor racing … WAIT! Tractor racing?? I’ve never driven a tractor never mind helped someone else to drive and race one! Set to panic stations and the shout out to Rob! HELP!!!!!!

I guess this is where my first ever job of being a mechanic comes in, as Rob takes me on a crash (luckily there was no crashing!) course of tractors and how to race them.

What was I flapping about, I mean it’s just a really big car but with loads more buttons and leavers to learn about. Panic over, they are great fun and I remembered more of my mechanics than I give myself credit for. Pat on the back for me. 🙂

There are quite a few controls!

All that was left for me to do now was getting to grips with the animals on the farm. This might take a bit longer, the most I know about farm animals is what goes best with them on a plate.


It’s OK though – I know what to do …. JESS!!!!!!!!! I’m not too sure but I think she already might be fed up with me wondering around the farm and asking her ‘Jess what’s this? Jess what’s that? Jess what does this do? Jess what does that do?’

Please be patient with me Jess, I now know the difference between hay and straw! Haha 😉

If this was a film, I would que the montage for the remaining two months leading up to now, but seeing as I can’t do that I’ll just give you a brief!

I’ve now taken my fair share of groups, we have our new accommodation open, I’ve done another wedding show all by myself, and I’m 3 days away from taking my tractor test so I can start running the tractor experiences. I can’t wait to see what is to come next!!


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