Prepare yourself for our activities in the cold months ahead

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Prepare yourself for our activities in the cold months ahead

By @kuki

September 9, 2015

If I’m going to give you ONE piece of advice, it’s this ;

It’s not all about what you wear clothing-wise … it’s about your FOOTWEAR!

Take it from someone who really gets cold feet! And I hate it! But in winter 2014/2015, I discovered THE most amazing footwear. I am telling you now, throw aside your regular Hunters or whatever brand you wear complete with furry lining socks, and keep them for a 10 minute stroll in the park!

Given I’m someone who has done skiing, loved the outdoors in the winter, and generally likes to be outside in the cold, you would have thought I’d have discovered more before now! But I haven’t. And when I take many groups through all our farm styled activities, laughing, having fun and more, I still can’t get away from the fact that my feet are freezing. And that just hurts. I know that when you’re in the cold, it’s all about layers, something about creating air which keeps you warm between the layers, something about insulation, etc etc etc.

BUT, if my feet are cold, well I may as well be naked in the snow! (sorry for the thought!)

So good people, I will shout this at you until the cows come home, until the sun finally warms us again next Spring (keeping my fingers crossed!), GET REAL WELLIES! They have more insulation, neoprene and that’s it. No fur linings, no fancy frills. I don’t know the exact science, all I know is they work!

I actually complained this winter of my feet being too hot! Yes, too hot. And I said it with a smile on my face!

The fabulous proper wellies!
Keep my feet toasty with ONE
pair of regular socks!!

You will not be wanging these wellies, they are far too precious for that. And you will not be able to wear them while on the London Underground – they are not a fashion statement. But who cares, because we’re talking about you coming to Farm Adventure, having a ball taking part in the activities, running around, herding sheep, laughing at the other team, seeing how much sabotage you can get away with. And I want you to experience toasty feet!

Now I’m sure there’s several brands, but the ones I know are these: Muck Boots

There are different ones for men and women, different colours so at least you can have a little fun on that front too! They are clunky, but that’s because the sole of them is thick … so your foot won’t sit just about next to the cold, hard, wet ground, and that’s so important. They’re comfortable, have stretchy material around the calf so it helps fit everyone .. need I go on?!

Happy Laura! That is the smile
of a person with toasty feet! ?

I think price-wise it’s a no-brainer … if you want to have something which is really for the outdoors, will keep your feet warm and comfortable, then just buy them. Keep hold of the fashion ones if you’re not bothered about keeping your feet warm and comfortable, but when you come to Farm Adventure, you will definitely appreciate the Muck Boots.

Remember people, all these opinions are my own, but just have a look at the link – the reviews will back me up!

Bring on outdoor activities in the colder weather! It’s going to stop no-one! ?

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