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By @kuki

August 8, 2016

My summer has officially arrived! All of the school children who attend Hill Top as part of their school curriculum have broken up for the summer which can only mean one thing………PARTY!? I wish! It means that I have lost all the helping hands that make light work with the sheep and calf rearing enterprises, which makes for a very busy Jess!

So what do I do over my summer and “time off” from having school children? Well, where do I begin…

“Laying Down on the Job” !!!

My main role here at Hill Top is chief calf-rearer extraordinaire – well that is the self-proclaimed title I give myself (you would have to ask Rob for my official title!). And if you have been on the “Meet the Team” page on the website, you will see that I am also referred to as “The Machine” – I am a true Yorkshire lass that works hard to get the job done! On a typical day I can be doing anything from bedding up to vaccinating, castrating to dehorning, to chasing sheep trying to round the devils up so I can trim their feet or weigh the fat lambs. I am a lass that loves working outside, and the more challenging the job the better!

Me and “my” team!!

Visitors to Hill Top always ask me ‘how do you not get attached to all these cute animals?’. My response is always the same; having 300 calves and 130 sheep makes it easy to not get too attached as there are just so many! But SHUSH, don’t tell anybody, I do always have my favourites….

Alongside my regular farm jobs, I also help out with Farm Adventure. Events at Farm Adventure are a huge part of Hill Top Farm, so during the summer we are always super busy with the farm packages that we offer to corporates, birthdays, friends, hens and stags! Between us all here on the farm, we work together to bring groups the best experience possible. This means being flexible enough to go from feeding calves one minute, to tractor driving with a group the next, and then on to cooking a big BBQ feast for when the group have finished! Phew! But they say that variety is the spice of life, and this job certainly keeps me on my toes!

Hanging Out!

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