Who knew about hen party ideas on a farm?

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Who knew about hen party ideas on a farm?

By @kuki

March 12, 2019

So, we’ve done the National Wedding Shows in Newcastle and Manchester … and they were awesome! SO much fun, and the response was brilliant!

Really helps reassure us that we’re on the right track!

It has been a learning curve. I don’t think any lessons have been too tough – nothing missed so badly that we’ve learnt the hard way, but definitely to keep to a well-quoted moto here “keep it simple stupid!”

It’s easy to get carried away with things – but just to clarify, I WILL be taking Bonnie next time! I mean who doesn’t want to see this face there?!

What was really apparent, was that people need ideas for their hen or stag parties. It’s so hard to find something different, something everyone hasn’t done before, and where they will get to do something memorable which everyone can enjoy, partake in, and they will laugh about forever!

Every person walking past the stand slowed their walking when they just saw all the “greenery” in amongst the more glitzy stands … trying to read the information, take in the pictures, and see what we were about.

Eyes would light up when they saw mention of “hilarious hen parties”ย  … and you’d see a smile creep across their faces as they started to process the photos of people in a field, dressed as sheep, cows, chickens etc etc, trying to herd pigs or sheep!

“So what do you guys actually DO?”

Puzzled looks, but intrigued about some new ideas we can offer them, the chatting started!

And I never felt like a sales woman, going on about how “amazing” our product is, because I genuinely feel that it is a brilliant idea, we will damn well make sure everyone has an amazing time, anyone who’s anyone can get involved … and I mean EVERYONE

… last summer, we had an 84 year old granny take part in the Ultimate Farmer activities – what a woman!

Anyway, I’m digressing ๐Ÿ˜‰

There are some who have found us already, and booked before we even came to the shows. These ladies found us having already booked, and just wanted to come say “hi”!

But it is hard. Hard to think of something which everyone will like, including finding accommodation like that at our Yorkshire site.

Some bridesmaids / maids of honour / best men, have already found us, but by the sounds of it, Farm Adventure appeals to so many more, which emphasizes the need for us to exhibit at shows like these and tell people about us without them having to do the prior research.

Yesterday I had a call from a lady saying “my sister came to the Manchester show, she saw you, phoned me and just told me this is what we’re doing for her hen do!”. Now THAT is a decision!

On reflection – it was a really good fun, chatty, light-hearted, informative, freebie-riddled (always a bonus!) weekend! And I can say I feel like it was the right choice – that’s a hard one with choosing the marketing strategy for the year!

So exhausting, that here Rob clearly demonstrates the need for a chair and sunglasses … was he sleeping on the job?!

Thanks for having us Newcastle & Manchester – see you next year! ๐Ÿ™‚

Laura xx

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