Farming Simulator โ€“ Breaking Down Barriers

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Farming Simulator โ€“ Breaking Down Barriers

By @kuki

November 16, 2018

As a promotional event day draws nearer, where journalists and some other folks will be coming to Farm Adventure to have a go at the new version of Farming Simulator, plus have a laugh taking part in our farm activities, it makes me ask the question about why it’s such a popular game and why people need to play it.

I’ve personally never played it. But I get it. And I wouldn’t turn my nose up at it.

My reasons? The same as why I believe that Farm Adventure activities are the perfect bridge between city and country lifestyles.

When I first spoke to Rob about his idea for Farm Adventure in 2011, I totally soaked it up. It was perfect. I love the countryside, farms, the outdoors, animals, and the idea of having my own place that would fulfil this.

And all of the airspace around me seemed to be singing the same thing. More people watching countryfile. More awareness on where our food comes from. The Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall Chicken Out Week with Jamie Oliver, higher welfare standards, more exposure for the RSPCA program, The Supervet, The Yorkshire Vet .. all of these. Why are they in our faces? Because we want them.

It’s not just me then .. the public want to get back to nature on the farm too. Everyone has their own reasons, but maybe at the core it comes back to us all wanting a better lifestyle, to eat meat & food which we know more about its origins, and build our own little dreams.

I’ve always stated that it’s not easy to bridge the gap … you can’t just go up to a farmer and say “ooo, can I have a go on your tractor?”!! Some people do get to help farmers with lambing for example, but in this day and age, there is so much red tape and health & safety, that many farmers would simply be put off by that. Nevermind the farmers who don’t want Joe Bloggs with no experience to come onto his farm! “Not on MY land”!!!

So essentially what Farming Simulator does, is it gives people that little piece of hope. Of experience, fun, learning, and that dream.

“Sure, today I took the combine out, and purchased a new John Deere tractor” … as you do! But you can .. you can be a farmer, and do real farmer “stuff”!

And that’s why I will always believe in Farm Adventure too. People just get so excited that they are going to herd REAL sheep, drive a huge John Deere tractor, move some real pigs around a field and more! It is such a genuine feeling to truly make them laugh, enjoy, and LEARN. The lack of knowledge out there is incredible .. and it ALL relates back to our food. Meat eater, veggie, vegan .. any of it.

That bridge needs more building, but I’m enjoying the construction! ๐Ÿ™‚

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