Me, myself and facilitation

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Me, myself and facilitation

By @kuki

November 23, 2018

Yesterday was my third time ever, facilitating a team building session, and I loved it!

For 7 years, I’ve been taking groups through our activities, and most of them are just here to really enjoy and let their hair down, which is awesome. So much fun. Nothing like beating your boss at tractor racing, or getting your team to beat the others with pig herding! 😉 Not your usual, I’ll give you that!
For a long while now, I’ve seen a massive potential with how our activities expose so much about individuals and a team. And I feel like I’m biting my tongue on the sidelines, watching, and wanting to ask some open questions. But I don’t!

However, I’m now starting to step into this … to encourage teams to take more from what our activities offer. And I love it! I feel like the dynamics are just unravelling before my eyes … before anyone’s eyes! It’s just so obvious!
I’ve been asking a lot of questions, doing some research, looking into training to be more of a coach, as one thing that I “one million percent” don’t want to be, is a fraud. I don’t want to pretend to be something I’m not. Offer something I can’t deliver.
What I’m coming to understand is what “facilitation” really means. I’m not here to answer questions, more to help them see more. To literally open that door from another perspective. Put them in a completely unfamiliar field, no training, no pre-learned wisdom, just them, me, the tractors and animals. We can just take it from there and see what happens!

The feedback has been great, but I need to be sure. Be sure I’m really helping them, facilitating their skills as a team. Are they just having an amazing time with the activities, and I might as well not be there? Well my own demons need to be silenced, and to do that, I need to keep on my path to make sure I improve, self-improve, and keep working, keep learning, and never stop!

Happy Friday everyone .. I need a drink 🙂 xx

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